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  • "Just wanted to thank you for thinking of me and letting me try Magsoothium. When I first broke my shoulder a couple weeks ago,
the doctors said nothing would really relieve the pain. This was going to be a very long process. Nothing seemed to help, it had been a very long five weeks. I started using your product this past week and oh my God I just can't explain the difference. I started out with the spray 

three times a day, and yesterday I sat in a 30 minute bath with the crystals soaking my shoulder. This anti-inflammatory stuff is amazing. It 
totally took away the throbbing and the pain for the first time in weeks. Since I have been using this product I am off all my pain medicine, 
there is no need for it any longer. I will continue to use this product on a daily basis and thanks again for giving me relief. I have told everyone I know and they see the difference in me – it's just amazing."

 Susan E. Shefsky




  • "Words can not express what your product has done for my mother: who suffered daily from osteoarthritis in her lower back as well as frequently in her hips and knees. I have bought any and all products I could find that offered the hope of relief. On the verge of trying cortisone shots, I bought your Magsoothium spray, which I believe should be renamed "O.M.G. it works without side effects spray." When you said it didn't take long to work I was more than skeptical, but true to your word it worked, and in a short period. I shake it, spray it and rub it into her lower back at night and in the morning, and that debilitating constant pain is no more. She also uses it on her hips, knees and hands when needed.I also sent some to my cousin who had a fractured coccyx. She said the pain has not totally gone, but she is much improved and can walk around, which she could not do on the pain pills from the doctor. This is a product people in pain and people who know people in pain due to inflammation need to know about.With sincere thanks and gratitude for greatly improving the quality of life to the best mother, mine."

 Michelle - Revenge Boutique in Palm Springs, Ca




  • "I wanted to thank you for giving me the “cream” and “spray” today.  After enduring lower back pain and inflammation for years, it was unbelievable that your product could make me feel so amazing in just minutes. The stiffness immediately subsided and I was able to move, which for someone that suffers with chronic low back pain is an incredible feeling.  There is no greater feeling than that of mobility and I can’t thank you enough.Exercising and being active are huge components of my life and your product will allow me to do both again." 

 Ed Ciarimboli - Fellerman & Ciarimboli Law, PC




  • "My wife used the spray on her neck this week (chronic neck issues daily due to scoliosis of the spine) and she had IMMEDIATE relief.  Unbelievable..."

 Ron Freeman - Bradford Soap Works, Inc.